A secret handshake?

Littlemummy, Mother at Large and Guineapigmum met up for coffee today at Victor Hugo’s.  Perhaps there should be a special handshake for the secret – or very public – world of bloggers.  It was fun to meet the faces behind some of the blogs I read and yes, we do have names as do our children.  We chatted about this and that and, well, why?  We may well meet up again – maybe we could become a complement to the Edinburgh Coffee Mornings (those photos do look very male dominated, by the way!), and advertise our next meeting in advance.  The Coffee Break, perhaps?   Today (or maybe yesterday, by now) was serendipity. 

We’re off to the Isle of Coll later today; GP1 thinks it will be the most boring holiday on the planet, but he’ll love it once we’re there. Says Mum.  As a consequence it will be very quiet in this corner for the next week.  At least this time silence will be due to physical absence rather than the gloom that descended over me during the latter stages of plaster incarceration, that precluded any sort of positive spin. 

And please, please, please let it be sunny!

6 thoughts on “A secret handshake?

  1. That’s SO cool. I’m always astounded by who reads my blogs and people are astounded when I read their’s – they assume all online life must revolve around teaching, when some of my faves are on completely different things. Well, I’ve just been impressed by the spread of your blog reading habits. I’d love to see your aggregator. BTW, is there not that kind of sideways glance/stare that gives away a blogger’s intent? 😉

  2. GPM, Beanie and I enjoyed meeting up yesterday very much. The way IT education’s going, she’ll soon have her own blog! There’ll be junior blog get-togethers, lessons in SEO for pre-schoolers and everything. Think it’s a good plan to make this a more regular occurrence. I’d be happy to run a posting over at MaL to let people know about future meetings. Enjoy your holiday. Fingers crossed for some good weather.

  3. It’d be good to see you at the Edinburgh Coffee Mornings. I’ve only been to one (today) but these events are usually mostly guys. I’m hoping to go to more as I’m not teaching on Fridays (fingers crossed the timetable stays the same!)

  4. No comments for ages and I go away, and look – they all arrive at once!
    Ewan – I’m not so sure about the blogger’s sideway glance, but there is certainly a glazed, she must be mad, glance when/if I mention that I write a blog to any of my normal compatriots.
    Hi Digitalkatie, and welcome! Edinburgh Coffee Mornings may be beyond me as I believe it is the time of day when I am getting the offspring off to school. Perhaps it is why there are so few women there? I’ve just dropped by your blog and I see your plans to go along have been scuppered. But never mind, Erica, Mal and I will invite you to a Coffee break instead.
    MaL – An award! Just trying to think of the last time I got an award, and can’t. I’ll take a look and find out more.

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