An announcement or two

  • I passed my HSE diving medical today.  I thought I’d share that nugget with the world in general.  It occurred to me that perhaps I should adopt an annual injury ploy as the doctor didn’t make me do the dreaded step-up-on-the-chair-to-see-if-you’re-fit test, on account of my unfortunate ankle.  But on second thoughts… On a related theme, those wonderful people at Otter Watersports are putting a new drysuit in the post to me today, at a more than reasonable price.  I like their suits and the service they offer is always fantastic and very personal, despite the growth in the company. And they still make their suits in the UK. 
  • Mother at Large just gave me an award! How about that then.  [Thoughtful+Blogger+Award+Black_242x41.jpg]I’m very flattered, and constantly amazed that anyone actually reads my ramblings.   So thank you for the encouragement.  I will pass the award on in due course, after I’ve admired it on the mantlepiece for a day or so.
  • I have it on good authority that another parent is about to start blogging on the EduBuzz site.  Welcome!  I’ve also noticed an equally welcome flurry of blogging activity from Ross High this week.

In celebration of these events, and with an awards ceremony pending, a girl needs an outfit (well OK, we have a wedding to go to), so I called into M&S on my way back from a medical/physiotherapy type of morning.  I tried on this and that but then it struck me – “What on earth do I wear on my feet?”.  I have an ankle like a tree trunk and one foot still considerably larger than the other.  I did squeeze said foot into a drysuit last week, fins I can do and I’m hoping I can manage wellies for tramping round on Welsh mudflats next week, but smart shoes???  I have scuffed around in scruffy trainers for the last 6 weeks as even my comfortable sandals were uncomfortable; perhaps I could just put the trainers through the washing machine and make do.  Anyhow, I just looked.