Too much information?

Life just isn’t fair sometimes.  I mean, I know I half expected to be hit by a bolt from the heavens as penance for missing GP1’s birthday.  But I didn’t really anticipate taking a full on blow.  And for goodness sake, I’m here after all, at home, not away. I am going to make a birthday cake today and another next week for GP2.  The birthday present is already secreted in the house and next week’s is in the post.  So it can’t be that.

But it is most definitely not fair.  Just as I was getting myself going again after sitting around on my behind most of the summer, I find that I need to endure more bed rest courtesy of the NHS.  Last time they gave me some extra bits to take home.  This time I’ll be leaving a few extraneous items behind.  Lumps and bumps that I don’t have too much use for any more.  What about this bit?  One for the round file.  And this? That too. And while we’re in here, we’ll just take out the rest for good measure.

At the very least, it means a few days in hospital and another 6 weeks dependence and cabin fever.  At the very worst – well, let’s not go there.  I think perhaps I wouldn’t be worrying quite so much if it weren’t for two things:-  first, the grave tones in which every health professional involved so far has spoken to me and secondly the speed with which it’s all happening.  I’m almost tempted to consider it unseemly haste.  I saw the consultant first thing yesterday, followed by a lonely panic over coffee in Kesleys (I had to buy a book to cheer myself up) and then a phone call from the ERI early afternoon with a date for next week.  Scary stuff!  So while you’re all packing up for half term, please spare me a thought.  It’s a good job I didn’t get around to booking that holiday that we promised we’d do.  Meanwhile there’s work to finish, meetings to cancel, people to tell.  And books to stockpile – what can you all recommend?

I have wondered whether it is really appropriate to tell the world about my ailments, particularly on a site hosted by East Lothian education.  But having blogged for almost a year now, this has evolved into more of an on line family diary than a comment on the goings on at school.  After all, when things are going well at school, there’s only so much one can say!  So, in the spirit of openess, I thought I’d just go for it and apologies to those who think this may be inappropriate. 

I was telling the boys last night on the way home from badminton – the car is a great place to talk as they can’t run away – and I had to check that GP1 didn’t have his earphones in as the response was so silent.  GP2, on the other hand, went for the full frontal cross examination.  His conclusion in the end?  “Oh no, I suppose this means we’ll have to miss 6 weeks of badminton again.”  Glad to know where their priorities lie.

10 thoughts on “Too much information?

  1. Sorry to hear this. You asked for book suggestions. You’ve already read “Girl with a Pearl Earring” – right? If not, put it at the top of the list. Anything by Anita Shreve is gripping and a little melancholy, if you’re wanting something like that. For jollity and hilarity, go for Bill Bryson.

    I suppose book recommendations are the closest you can get to tea, flowers and sympathy in the blogosphere.

    Get well soon.

  2. Thank you both for your thoughts, and the tea, flowers and sympathy! Fearghal, I thought you’d abandoned the blogosphere for better things?  And Iota, I really enjoy reading your blog.  I’ve not read “Girl with a Pearl Earring” so I shall rush out and buy it. Anita Shreve I love – this will sound very pseudy, but her writing always makes me think of watercolour paintings – I’ll check if she’s brought anything out I haven’t read yet. And Bill Bryson is on the pile.

  3. Oh dear! There are better places to read a book – but if you are in that place then read a good book.

    Can I recommend “This book will save your life” by am holmes. It’s not a self help book on the “…7 ways to..” line. It’s a quirky funny novel ( Or I thought so anyway).

    Take care

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  5. Thanks MaL. I saw this comment, and one from Liz, from my bed in hospital which was a little surreal but made me smile. Home again and building up to a blog post.

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