Sunday dinner presented us with something of a dilemma this week.  Post dinner, should we watch the rugby or the first of the new series of Top Gear?  Both kicked off at 8pm. The sports fanatic that is GP2 wanted the rugby.  The other two males opted for cars.  I was ambivalent but thought perhaps we could watch TG followed by the second half of the rugby.   So GP2 went for a tie breaker – if he could tell a joke that would make us all laugh we’d have to watch the rugby.  We instantly all fell about laughing and he claimed victory.  You see, although he is a happy soul who appears to have a good sense of humour, jokes, innuendo and particularly irony regularly zip some distance over his head.  He knows this and generally accepts it stoically as his lot.  He’ll laugh away at something and then say “I didn’t get that.  Why was that funny?”.  He does occasionally get cross at his own inability to tell a joke, though. “Why do you all laugh at xxx’s jokes but you never laugh at mine?”  His older brother has no such problems and can tell a joke with the best of them; he can manage irony and innuendo, and hones his sarcastic wit at his brother’s expense.

Anyhow, GP2 wasn’t quite funny enough (his audience had high standards), Top Gear won and we did indeed get to see the second half of the rugby.  Despite the nail biting fight back in the second half, Scotland went out.  “Sigh.  I suppose I’ll have to support England now” said GP2.  I should point out at this juncture that although both boys have East Lothian accents which are unintelligible to the untrained ear and English cousins alike, their parents are English.  One grandmother is (was) Irish and a grandfather was born in Wales.  They could play rugby for any of the four home countries.  The only problem is – neither of them plays rugby.