The lowdown

Thank goodness for S1 Biology.  I’m prompted to write this as I was told that I didn’t put enough information in my earlier, rather too oblique post, so I thought I’d fill in some of the gaps.  Read on if you dare.  S1 Biology fortunately made telling the boys what’s going on a lot easier than it might have been.  During GP2’s (boy, 12 yo remember) cross examination of me last week, we had this exchange:

“So you’re having a hysterectomy, then?”

@@$*?  That’s my eyebrows shooting up to my hairline.  I wouldn’t have guessed he even knew the word, let alone what it meant.

“Well yes.  How d’you know that?”

“Oh we did it in Biology last year.”

Silent pause.

“So does that mean you’ve got cancer?”

@@$*?  My eyebrows retracing their earlier trajectory.

“Probably not. But I might have – they can’t tell until after the operation.”

Silent pause.

Sigh.  “I guess that means we’ll have to miss badminton for another 6 weeks.”

So there you go.  Mum + Ovarian cyst, enormous = hysterectomy, total – badminton. 

In fact they probably won’t have to miss quite so much badminton this time around.

I’m doing a lot of positive thinking and looking forward to 2008!

In the meantime, I’m signing off for the foreseeable future and will be an invalid again by this time tomorrow.  And if anyone fancies coffee over the next few days, – well maybe chat rather than coffee –  do call into the Simpsons. I’m sure if you ask for guineapigmum they’ll point you in the right direction.  

5 thoughts on “The lowdown

  1. GPM,
    Sorry I didn’t read this until today. I will be thinking of you as you go through the next few days! I know you might not read this for a while -but I’ll be watching out for your next blog post.

    Get well soon!

  2. Thanks, Liz. I’m home again, alive but slightly battered. I actually managed to see your comment in hospital on Patientline and it cheered me up no end! I’ll write a new post soon.

  3. If there was an edubuzz award for blogging in the face of adversity, you’d walk off with it. Always assuming your leg was working at the time, of course.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been being battered, and hope that you recover quickly.

    For future reference, you may find these useful in recording conversation with the GPs. 😯

  4. Thanks David – I’m recovering fast & have cabin fever already. I’ll accept the emoticons in lieu of flowers 🙂 Now, please can you teach me how to put links in comments?

  5. GPM

    Great to see you back online. And I bet you are glad to be home! Try to take it easy… Hope the guinea pigs didn’t let things get too untidy 🙂


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