Flying high: Double maths and badminton

One of the highlights of school, ever since day 1 of Primary 1, is being chosen to represent the school at an event.  The recorder group, the choir, brass band, sports of all sorts, Celebration of Success – whatever the event, the excitement is high.   With GP2, the excitement is infectious;  he still manages to hang on to some of that little boy enthusiasm that his more wordly wise older brother tries hard to hide. 

Last Friday there was a badminton tournament  at Meadowmill after school. I didn’t have the heart to say to GP2 “You’re supposed to be at Regional Wind Band practice”.  After all, there’ll be other practices and these tournaments don’t happen too often.  We agreed I’d write a note to the music teacher (I haven’t yet, but I will, I promise).  So from Wednesday onwards there was building excitement of the “I can’t wait until…” kind.  Funny how that doesn’t happen for band practice!  Despite the excitement, he’s quite realistic about these things and knows that all the top players in his age group are at PL or Knox, so he didn’t seem to mind when he was panned 21 – 0 by a lad on the Scotland squad.  He won his other matches, and that was what mattered – he knew he and the others on the team had done as well as they could expect to, and he’d really enjoyed himself in the process.

Meanwhile his older brother was gutted not to make the basketball team for a match in Glasgow.  I had told him to explain why he’d missed a couple of practices – my fault, I’m afraid – but I don’t think he did.  He needs to learn to speak up for himself.  So he grumped off to wind band for the afternoon.  But all was not gloom; he’s playing in the brass group at the opening of Windygoul Primary this week and got off double maths yesterday to practice.  Double Maths?  Brass practice?  No competition really.

2 thoughts on “Flying high: Double maths and badminton

  1. I am glad GP2 enjoyed himself.I think all the youngsters who took part gave 100% and showed a terrific attitude. It was the same yeterday in the S1 tournament with varying standards of player but all doing their best. It was a pity that one school were unable to take part as their S1 pupils missed another great afternoon.
    Thanks to Christine Black ( Badminton Development Officer ) and her helpers for making these afternoons happen and I would urge all schools to support these events in the future.

  2. I have to agree that Christine Black – and in fact all the Sports Development team – do a fantastic job for the kids. Now, how about a Swimming Development Officer? 😉

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