Time for coffee?

I know everyone else is working, or living somewhere more exotic than Edinburgh, but my desk is clear for the first time in years.  So Mother at Large and I are meeting for coffee tomorrow at the Cafe Grande in Bruntsfield.  1030 if anyone else can organise a skive.  I’m hoping we’ll be able to wander up to visit the new Childrens Bookshop    which I haven’t yet seen.    Short notice, I know, but do come along if you can.

3 thoughts on “Time for coffee?

  1. You see, now those of us in the South are feeling left out. Have a muffin for me. Preferably one of those with caramel and banana (hell – don’t you deserve it?).

  2. Didn’t spot the muffins – but the coffee and the company were both good. You’ll just have to plan a trip to Edinburgh so’s we can all go out for coffee.

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