Life goes on

In fact, it goes on at such a pace there doesn’t seem to be time to write blog posts.  And that’s with no significant work to do for a week or so.  Bliss!  Christmas shopping and meeting fellow bloggers without feeling that there’s something else I should be doing.  Make the most of it.  It won’t last.

So, in the last ten days I’ve had my second round of chemo, which was no problem, although I think it took a little longer to get over than the first.  I did manage to get myself along to the EduBuzz meeting but was feeling slightly spaced out so I’m not sure I contributed anything coherent.  In fact, I may have agreed to write something; it’s rather akin to agreeing to something at a party or with a pint in your hand.  You wake up the next morning thinking “I said I’d do what?”.  Anyhow, as I’m fairly certain I haven’t said I’d swim the channel for charity, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

I also met up with fellow bloggers Helen, Vanessa and Erica at an Edinburgh coffee shop and then visited the Children’s Bookshop in Morningside.  If you like children’s books, you should really pay a visit. 

Meanwhile both the guineapigs have played and won trophies in a squash tournament -the organisers have these tournaments down to a fine art now.  The kids play in small groups of the same ability rather than age so they all get several good games at their own standard and aren’t simply blasted off the court by the power barons.  The result is they all enjoy it and come back for more, instead of leaving totally demoralised.   This sort of morphed into GP1 saying at dinner one night, a propos nothing at all, how he wished there was a sport at school that he was the best at.  Not just good – he wants to be the best.  We tried pointing out that he’s quite good at a lot of things, a general all rounder in fact, but no, that didn’t seem to be enough.   We also pointed out that you have to work pretty hard if you want to be the best, a fact that had perhaps escaped his attention.  He’ll just have to settle for good.

We’ve also had the annual brass concert, various Christmas lights ceremonies, a swimming gala for what seemed like the whole of Scotland hosted by our club, a trip to the IMAX cinema to see Beowulf – now that was a whole new experience –  and a CT scan.  That last merits a separate post, I think.  A rant, perhaps.   And a wonderful school report has come home – we await the other one with slightly more trepidation! – and a school diary of events for the next little while.

Anyhow there’s been so much going on it’s not surprising I’ve abandoned the computer and got a life.  It’s also a good job there’s not been much work to do.   That changes tomorrow when I take delivery of my next contract, although  I don’t think I’ll be doing much this side of Christmas.  I do have a bunch of things I want to blog about, though, so I’ll see what I can do on that score.  

9 thoughts on “Life goes on

  1. You’re right, you’re much to busy to blog – even if you do have a week off!
    GP1 reminds me of my (much younger) Boy #1. He demands to be ‘the winner’ at everything; walking home from school, crossing the road, brushing his teeth, racing to the bathroom to brush his teeth…etc etc. On the rare occassions that doesn’t happen we have upset. Apparantly, being ‘the winner’ is a god-given right. Hmmm. I see tricky times ahead.

  2. Glad to hear that it’s mostly positive things that have been keeping you from posting!

    On a purely practical note, how would you rate the parking opportunities near the bookshop? I’m dying to go (with or without age-appropriate Offspring, it must be said) but don’t fancy the scour-and-trudge parking scenario required for some bits of Town…

  3. Parking was OK. I left the car at the Bruntsfield Links (2 hours max) and walked from there – it’s not far. The only trouble is, there an awful lot of nice (expensive) shops between there and the bookshop so you’ll either have to wear blinkers or leave your credit card at home. Or perhaps go shopping.

  4. PM – the desire to win does start very young, doesn’t it! And the competition between siblings can be fierce and occasionally dangerous! Unless it involves washing up of course. Somehow, no one wants to be the best at clearing up the kitchen…

  5. Ha! I’ve been so broke for so long that I’m entirely divorced from that sort of shopping – a very Buddhist sort of way to be, but it makes it remarkably hard to spend any Chrsitmas money…

    (If ironing can be made into an Extreme Sport – maybe there’s hope yet for the rest of the housework chores!)

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