In remission

celebration.jpgIt’s official!  My CA125 level – the blood marker for ovarian tumours – is already back to normal and there was absolutely nothing of interest on the CT scan.  So I really am in remission – what a great Christmas present!  I feel like I’m starting to see daylight again.  Round 3 of the chemo is tomorrow, so when we get back after New Year I’ll be half way through.  It looks like I won’t be clear to dive for 6 months after the chemo finishes but that seems a small price to pay.

We’re off to my mother in law in Somerset on Sunday.  It’s her first Christmas without her husband of 50 years and it won’t be easy for her.  After that we’re heading to my sister in London for New Year. She’s hosting a big family party which has been planned for months.  There are 6 of us plus accoutrements and we rarely all get together since our mother died a few years ago.  In fact, not all of us will be there.  Brother in Abu Dhabi weighed up the relative merits of sunshine, warm weather versus an Edinburgh/London winter.  It took milliseconds (that long?); it looks like we’re going out to see him in the spring.  His daughters are coming to London though.  And our youngest sister, who has serious and long term bipolar disorder, looks like remaining in hospital for the next few weeks; at least she should be safe there.  I say “should be” as she has in the past blagged her way out of the door even when on constant watch.   Can’t blame her, really – she spends weeks at a time as an in-patient and all she wants to do is get home to the comfort and anonymity of her house and her cat.

I’m not really likely to post much more until the New Year although there are several things I’ve been meaning to write about for weeks.  Some diving stories, triggered by seeing Iain Stewart in Iceland on The Power of the Planet – I hope they’ll repeat that soon as I only saw bits of it – and Mr Strangeway, spending nights on Scottish islands.  I think they’ll have to keep until 2008.  Perhaps I’ll get one more school post in before I sign off. 

20 thoughts on “In remission

  1. Great news GPM, so happy to hear that. Enjoy Somerset; we’ll be there too next week visiting parents – something tells me that it’s going to be cold cold cold. Ah well – nothing that a drop of cider won’t sort out…

  2. Great news – you and your family couldn’t get a better present for Christmas.

    Thanks for your important contribution to the Edubuzz community over the last year.

  3. We’ll be near Wells, GPM. I didn’t grow up in Somerset so have no idea how far apart those two places are… (But there is a pub near us in London called the Drayton Arms if you fancy a pint…?)

  4. What fanastic news, you must be thrilled. I am thrilled for you and we’ve never even met! Have a great Christmas.

  5. Happy New Year GPM! I’m so pleased to read your good news. This is my first visit to your blog and it’s fantastic, you should write a book! You are an inspiration.

  6. Hi Christine

    Hope you enjoyed your christmas and new year, glad your still doing well, hope to see you soon. Great idea for this web site lets lots of women know there is still life after surviving ovarian cancer [as i know 12 years on and still going strong.]

  7. I go away for a couple of weeks and look what happens – lots of comments! Thank you all for your good wishes and excitement on my behalf.

    Lynne – May 4th, is it? I’ve got some work to do – I went for a run at Christmas and couldn’t do more that 100yds without stopping, I’m so unfit! Better get into training.

    PM – I didn’t make it to the Drayton Arms in either Drayton or London I’m afraid. Good holiday though.

    Iota – glad to see you’re posting again! Please don’t go away again.

    Jean – I’m already planning for life after ovarian cancer! Your experiences have been very encouraging for me.

    And Happy New Year everyone!

  8. Hi, Christine

    Great news about your remission. Will pop into see you soon settling in a new child at the moment. Yes i Know i’m supposed to be retiring but its G’s Friend and its only 2 days a week (for now), still have time to my self though. Take care see you soon.x

  9. Hi Christine, sorry it’s been so long, heard your news but great reading on your blog about now being in remission, actually fantastic news. Superb idea about your blog, great reading! It would be lovely to catch up sometime if possible.All the best, Sheena

  10. Hi Sheena – good to hear from you. I gather your eldest was starring in the Showcase concert on Friday. I missed it unfortunately, away for the weekend, but the boys & their dad were there.

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