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greater-manchester-challenge.jpgI’m not a great believer in the children missing school for any reason.  They really have to be close to death before they can stay home sick and it takes a family wedding to get them the last day of term off.  But they’re both taking a week out in April to go with the Ocean Youth Trust, a sail training organisation, on the Greater Manchester Challenge.

A friend had organised a group of youngsters from dinghy sailing clubs in Derbyshire to go on the boat but several dropped out recently and she was offering the places more widely.  We initially turned it down as it was during term time for us – Easter holidays in other parts of the country – but GP2 was keen to go.  Some more thought and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss.  The school agreed and have been very supportive about the idea; they’re not getting off scot free as they’ll have some reading and writing to do.   Anyhow, they’re both going and so is their Manchester cousin.  They’ll sail from Holyhead, probably out to the Isle of Man, and back to Liverpool. 

Interestingly, although it’s expensive it’s a lot cheaper than some of the school trips on offer, presumably because we don’t have to cover staff costs.   Travel costs will be helped by the fact that I have a meeting in Bangor that week which I’ve managed to rearrange for the Monday – they board on Sunday – so it’s all fitting in well.

And I’m very jealous.

2 thoughts on “Ocean Youth Trust

  1. Do you mean to say there will be NO teachers/adults with them? What fun, a crowd of kids sailing to the Isle of Man, Lord of the Flies style!

  2. Hi there! I must learn to write more clearly… The boat comes fully staffed, just no school teachers and no covering the cost of agency staff back at school. I assume that’s why school trips are so expensive? But Lord of the Flies sounds far more exciting. Now, must dash – off to see little brother on Sunday. MJ’s birthday today – happy birthday if you’re reading!

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