A hissy fit or the Secret Life of Chemistry Teachers

New Winton Village Hall, near Tranent, was the venue for a concert on Friday night, featuring local singer-songwriters Kim Edgar and Alex Hodgson – and, on the double bass,  Gareth, head of Chemistry at PL.    The hissy fit came from GP1 as we hadn’t consulted him in enough detail before buying tickets and he went swimming instead.  His loss – it was a great evening of entertainment.   There are two more evenings coming up – a Scottish Music Night on the 10th May and the guitarist Gordon Giltrap on the 6th and 7th June.  Gordon Giltrap played at the hall a couple of years ago and was apparently a huge success, with tickets selling out within a week.  We’ve bought ours; although if GP1 throws another fit, there may be a ticket going spare.