All afloat

yacht-firth-of-lorn.jpgMum, paranoid, needs text from boys, teenagers (gmt & vyt), afloat somewhere in the Clyde.  Maybe they’re too seasick to text.  Or too cold, wet and miserable.  More likely they’re having a great time and we’ll hear all about it at the weekend.  After they’ve had 24 hours sleep, that is.  I do wonder, though, if the boat crew have enlisted the services of an interpreter for those East Lothian accents yet.


there are no wet towels on the bathroom floor;

no clearing up the kitchen after dinner then finding, 10 minutes later,  the jam and peanut butter jars lidless amongst breadcrumbs;

no discarded pyjamas lying in the middle of the sitting room;

noone shouting at the XBox, no annoying MSN beeps;

no evenings to be spent on chauffeur duties;

no arguments over homework and music practice;

no music practice;

no cheery “Hello!” shouted down the corridor at 10 to 4 in the afternoon.

But there is a big empty space where there should be a noise.

Still, it’s a lovely day and we’re going down to Seacliff for a walk on the beach and to meet the other divers this evening.  No need to dash back for football training!  We’d better make the most of it; it will only last a week.

Our visit to the World Swimming Championships  at the MEN arena was great, by the way.  And I got to my meeting in Bangor. 

gmt = grunting monosyllabic teenager (but with a great smile)

vyt = voluble (ie talks non-stop at high speed) young teenager