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hair.jpgHair. Or lack of it.  I’ve started dreaming about hair recently.  I’ve dreamt about washing it, brushing it, tying it back.  I’ve been wondering where my hairbrush is and contemplating the shampoo supplies once more.  This is all prompted by the No. 1 fuzz, colour indeterminate, that is currently adorning the top of my head.  And eyebrows to match.  New hair; it must be spring!   Anyhow, there’s a good chance that it’ll grow back curly as apparently that’s what often happens after chemotherapy

The last time I had curly hair I was about three years old; there’s a photograph on my bedroom wall to prove it.  It was one of my mother’s favourite tales, the story of The Day GPM’s Curls Disappeared.  Big brother was off school for the day, sick I’m told.  “We’ll play barbers” he decided.  “I’ll be the barber and you can be the customer” in true big brother fashion.  My mother came into the room to find him wielding a pair of scissors and the pair of us surrounded by my shorn, curly locks.  Apparently, although my hair grew back, my curls never returned. 

Curls, eh?  I was sort of hoping I might find myself with long, sleek, golden locks.  The sort of hair that swings altogether as you move, glinting in the light with not a strand out of place nor a split end in sight.  Certainly no grey bits.  And while I’m at it, perhaps I’ll find  that all those wrinkles have magically disappeared.  I’ll be tall, slim and blindingly intelligent with a searing wit.  

Mmm.  I think perhaps I’ll just settle for hair.  Any sort, I won’t be picky.   Despite it being 6 months or so since I last had hair, I still haven’t got used to looking in the mirror and seeing a bald head staring back.  The reflection has improved, in my eyes at any rate, since my eyebrows put in an appearance.  But I’ve had enough.  I just want hair.  Now!

And if I did wake up tall and slim  and all the rest of it I wouldn’t fit into that nice new dry suit I bought last summer and have hardly worn. 

6 thoughts on “On hair

  1. Don’t know about you, GPM, but I spent a lot of time, effort and cash in my younger university years on trying to get curly hair. Oh, sweet innocence of youth…

  2. I have three friends who now have the most fantastic, and thick, curly hair after chemo. Used to cost me a fortune to achieve that look in my 20’s.

  3. Did they keep their curls, EM, or did they grow out?

    Sorry for not replying PM – I must have missed your comment whilst in sunny Wales.

    I don’t remember trying to curl my hair in my yoof. It was long, and I expect I wore a caftan to go with it. I don’t think I’ll mind curls, but I probably won’t go for a purple rinse. Hair of any sort will do.

  4. Yay for you on so many fronts, not the least of which is being finished with chemo, growing hair again and having great numbers on your CA125. I had an early stage ovarian cancer diagnosis seven years ago and feel nothing but fortunate to have survived and remained cancer-free. You’ll hear it in people’s voices when you say ovarian cancer…”oh, that’s a bad one.” But you and I both know, as cancers go, it’s a damned good one, as long as it’s an early stage diagnosis.

    Now it’s time to get with all the good times that await you.

    And as far as my hair goes: the soft, thickish lambswoolie pelt that I first grew in gradually assumed a more regular (for me) pattern of growth. My hair is still softer than it ever was and thinner (it was very thick) and part of me wonders if perhaps this is just a function of age (I’ll be 60 this year). It looks very similar to before, but it’s different.

    Every time I read a happy ending like yours, I’m over the moon delighted.

  5. Lin – thank you so much for your comments. I have a friend in the village who had early stage ovarian cnacer about 10 years ago and has sailed through. People like you and her I hold out as beacons for myself. When I was first diagnosed, I searched the web but couldn’t find much in the way of personal comment and stories (although I’m sure it’s there somewhere), which is partly why I’ve written in so much detail. I wanted to know that it needn’t be all bad and when I couldn’t find much, I wanted to tell that story to other people.

    Pig – I’m sure curly hair will be very flattering. Of course, anything would be better than this egg shaped bald pate. (And no, that e doesn’t have an accent).

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