10 thoughts on “Up and down and roundabout

  1. 😆 I googled thassorl and came up with your blog! Its a small world 🙂

  2. Well done you, we might have been able to come cheer you along had I not been stuck in a cupboard chained to a computer in prestonpans pool! Well done you never have been one for shying away from a challenge 🙂 would’ve killed me to walk it never mind run it.

  3. Lynne – well done to you as well! The hill in the park was a real slog. What I really want to know, though, is why you felt a need to google thassorl!

    Thanks REstors – of course I sould really have been at the pool as well, cheering on my youngest. Still, he doesn’t seem too scarred by my absence.

  4. Thanks for your comments, GPM, and congrats on the marathon! I couldn’t find an email addy for you so just will ramble on here.

    Portland/Newcastle…the rain, the green, arty…I guess that’s what I didn’t explain very well. The smells of spring. All rather lovely except I’m really digging the s.cal. climate at the moment.

    And the birds in the garden…The Great Horned Owl in particular. They really rock my boat.

  5. No marathon, I’m afraid Lin; my joints really aren’t in that league! It was a mere 10 km which I figured I could walk if need be. A post is due.

    Now Lynne, above, is running a relay leg of the Edinburgh marathon this weekend. 😎 I hope your toe has recovered, Lynne – which leg are you running? (no, I don’t mean left or right… 🙄 ) I might go down to Port Seton to cheer people through.

  6. I shall be running I think they call it the Royal leg out of Edinburgh – it looked downhill! Wont make it as far as the Pans – that’ll be Sarah at Longniddry Primary’s job! Maybe next year we could have an Edubuzz relay team?

  7. Well good luck Lynne. An EduBuzz relay team, huh? I’m sure there’d be plenty of volunteers for that, with all those outdoor types and PE teachers who blog. Two teams, maybe!

  8. What a great thing to do. Congratulations, Guineapigmum. And what better way to mark your return to health. So pleased you are feeling better.

  9. Thanks, Helen. And yes, it’s good to be returning to normal. I’ve even been playing tennis in last couple of weeks, something which I thought this time last year, when i was hopping round in plaster, I might not be doing again.

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