Her Majesty and I

A thick, luxurious, cream coloured envelope stamped Buckingham Palace arrived in the post today.  It’s an invite for GPD and myself to the Royal Garden Party at Holyrood Palace at the beginning of July.  Why me? I’ve no idea. I shall make enquiries.  I suspect, though, that Her Majesty must surely have encountered this blog in her wanderings around the web, and wishes to make the acquaintance of the talent that undoubtedly lurks behind the posts.  I’ll have to ask Mother Soup what she thinks – it was her turn last year.  A more mundane explanation might be that she’s working her way along our street.  What do you reckon?

Meanwhile, I feel a shopping trip coming on.  Oh the choices; my wig or my fresh new crew cut? (On second thoughts, maybe it’s a crew grow rather than a crew cut. )  A hat?  A hat and my wig?

Photo credit: goforchris

8 thoughts on “Her Majesty and I

  1. how exciting! it should definitely be a Philip Treacy creation for your head…no I can’t afford his stuff either, but i’m sure you could get a knock off on ebay.

    and as an aside, don’t know if you’ve read A Spot of Bother yet, but it’s sooooo goood!


  2. Will it be windy, though? That’s the problem. My wig is a little tricky in wind (difficult to hold on with one hand and get away with it, like you can with a hat). But I guess I might have enough hair in a month’s time not to feel naked.

    And a Spot of Bother is still awaiting my attention.

  3. When we went last year, there was a brisk wind (occasionally feeling positively gale-like) which made me glad not to be wearing a hat. I was quite pleased to have had short hair too – people were in all sorts of bothers!
    I’d forgotten that pic – it looks rather well 🙂

  4. Good to know that HM is a devotee of GPM. I wonder of she would like an edubuzz site of her own?

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