On comments…

Apologies if you’ve made a comment recently and it hasn’t appeared.  There are 12 waiting for moderation that I can’t access for some reason.  Of course, all 12 may be offering Viagra and may not be anything intelligent at all.  But at least one of them is one of my own comments and, whilst it may not be intelligent, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t selling anything too undesirable.  I’m away for another week but I’m sure normal service will be reumed soon.

4 thoughts on “On comments…

  1. Thanks David. Just a minor glitch, I’m sure, and they’re probably all spam comments anyhow. The upgrade has made all the workings much easier. Nice not to have to sort all these things out for myself.

  2. Hi GPM, you have another opportunity to live up to your name. I’m using you as one of the first people to test the fix for vanishing comments. You’ll find they’re there now. 🙂

  3. Hi David. Thanks for that; I’m very happy to verify my guineapig status! 😎 Yes, they’re all there now on the Comment tab. I did find another way in to the moderated comments at the weekend and they were indeed all spam. 🙄 Apart from my own of course. Has there been a general increase in spam or is more coming through the filters since the upgrade?

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