I am wondering if that is the noise that a Russian crook makes when he’s helping himself to the credit in my bank account.  I went on line to pay a bill the other night to find our account looking rather more pink than it should at this time of the month.   Closer inspection revealed cash withdrawals from an ATM in St Petersburg.  Hmm, I thought.  That’s where Andy Murray is playing tennis this week.   Actually, I didn’t think that but what I did think isn’t really printable.

It wasn’t such an enormous amount of money that our account had been entirely cleaned out.  However, it would have paid for quite a number of oven cleans, or English tutorials, or birthday outings.  Suffice to say, I wanted it back.

I headed for the bank the following morning.  The response of the counter lady was “well, it can’t have been an ATM as it’s not a round figure”.  This because one of the withdrawals was something like £172.54.   “Umm, I think perhaps they use Roubles in Russia” I told the banking lady, feeling very old and wise.  “It was probably a round figure in Roubles.”   Anyhow, she found a more clued up colleague to help and I walked out of the bank half an hour or so later having had to set up a new account.   Please note: it took half an hour to set up a new account.  I didn’t need my mother’s birth certificate or my grandfather’s war record.  Perhaps the Bank of Scotland are just happy to hang on to any accounts they’ve got.   I’m just glad it wasn’t the Alliance and Leicester.


13 thoughts on “Crunch!

  1. So Andy Murray is a petty thief…

    I think I’ve missed the point! Sorry, not sounding very sympathetic here, but I am. We had four Easyjet flights booked on our credit card (we are in the US, the flights were from London to Czechoslovakia – definitely not ours), so I know what a hassle it can be to sort out. Did you get the money back?

  2. I certainly hope so. You’re not alone in this (as Iota has already pointed out). Shortly before we got married, Husband had a great deal of money stolen from his bank account by someone who simply used his card details repeatedly in Sweden over a number of days, putting just under the amount that would flag up on central computers through repeatedly. As this was the money we were going to use to pay for our wedding you can imagine we were more than a little concerned… Luckily he could prove that not only was he not in Sweden at that time, but that he had never been to Sweden at all, so we got it all back. Crunch, indeed…

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  4. Eeck , while I myself fortunately have not fallen victim to this ( I’m sure my time will come though) my mum has she used her card to pay for petrol at a pertol station where the details were somehow skimmed. The bank luckily enough called her to check if she was in the country and managed to stop the amounts being removed. I do however feel very sorry for those who have had it removed and then have to prove it was not of their doing!

  5. Iota, I would hate to cast aspersions, so fortunately the money evaporated a couple of weeks before AM appeared in Russia… And sympathy’s definitely not required; that needs to be saved for more important things. If we don’t get the money back I might come looking for sympathy then 😈 Or possibly vengeance.

  6. Hi PM. Not only am I not alone but someone also used my credit card earlier this year (the recent one was my debit card). The purchase on the credit card was for a much smaller amount of money and the bank sent it back to me to follow up myself. Trouble was, 1) I didn’t really know what I was supposed to have bought and 2) I wasn’t really well enough and didn’t have the energy to follow it through. So they got away with that one. This time we should get the money back.

  7. sfr, it seems to be very prevalent. Apparently a lot of people have been got by a petrol station over by Crewe Toll – don’t know if that was mine or not. It is a warning for me to keep tabs on my acount!

  8. ooo, how horrid. And Andy Murray looks so sweet as well. Maybe he’s a bit short becoz he hasn’t been winning much recently?

    I’m so chaotic with opening the post, our account could be completely excavated by the time i noticed; well done you for spotting the error!

  9. If it had relied on me opening the post, PitK, I’d never have noticed. It’s one of the benefits of paying bills on line. By the way, it’s really good to see you back. I’ve been very worried about you…!

    AM I’m sure we’ll get the money back. There are far more important things to stress about – such as the reason I’ve just confiscated the X Box and stuffed it in a cupboard for the foreseeable future.

  10. I didn’t mean to find this funny. Banking nightmares frequently plague my life. but the thing with the roubles and the round figure …? That made me giggle. Do banks make a point of hiring the mathematically challenged. Or just challenged, frankly. perhaps that’s why we are hearing things go Crunch?

  11. I have to confess, RM, I found it oddly funny – I had to stop myself giggling in the bank and managed to restrain myself to a roll of the eyes. Anyhow, the money’s back so all is well, or will be once the new account is functioning properly.

  12. Someone got a hold of my credit card number and started subscribing to things like the book of the month club, and disney movie of the month, etc.

    Weird thing was that they were still sent to my house.

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