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Parents’ Evening could have been worse, I suppose, but you do have to read between the lines.  A little conversation ensued on my Facebook page, to help me in the interpretation.  I though you might all like to join in.

Facebook quotes:-

“I used to get comments like, easily distracted, can do it if he makes the effort. Not to mention the poor splelling 😉 “
“My best was for p.e. – J.  would benefit from a more active approach to this subject”
“Teachers’ code. Lazy ass who needs a kick up the backside. But we are not allowed to say stuff like that.”
“Teachers’ code: I know a teacher who refers to the pupils as E.L.F.s (evil little f…ers) Made us laugh lots.”
So was the “There’s been some improvement” code for “It really couldn’t get much worse” ?
“We don’t want to deflate him too much. Think he may do some work eventually. But he is still a lazy b….”
Personally, I’m not too sure about the “may do some work eventually” but you never know.  One should never underestimate a teenager.
Still, after two Parents’ Evenings, it’s clear that we don’t need to worry about one of the boys.  I should be thankful, I suppose!
So, what did the teachers say about you?  Or alternatively, seeing as I know one or two teachers might read this post, what are your favourite bits of code?  Don’t worry, you can tell us; your secret will be safe with us.
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3 thoughts on “Teacher speke

  1. My PE teacher wrote “Dorothy is suprisingly good at tennis.”…
    I didn’t like her much either.

  2. Why is it always PE teachers? I remember one of mine, who couldn’t stand me and made it obvious, telling me that my breaststroke was so badly wrong she couldn’t put it right. And I went home in tears because she picked someone slower than me for the swimming team (not even breaststroke).

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