Paranoid? Moi?

Oh dear.  Personally, I blame Ollie.  If it wasn’t for his internet safety evening, I would probably be totally relaxed, stress-free and friends with everyone.  As it is, I’ve become embroiled in an argument with a sport’s Governing Body about personal information from their membership database that they are making freely available online, information that is currently available to view without any sort of password protection.   It is an argument that is on the verge of escalating out of control. 

I’ve been dealing recently with membership from our club, since our membership secretary moved away, and I knew that I could go online to check membership numbers.  But what I only noticed recently was that all the numbers are hyperlinked and when you click on one it takes into another screen containing a lot of personal information.  To remove your information, you have to register an email address.  When I retrieved my jaw from the desk, I started asking around to see how many people knew about this.  So far, I haven’t found anyone, and the arguments began.  And while I managed to get my information hidden, I haven’t yet managed to take down my sons’ as they don’t have email addresses registered.

I’m sure I’ll tell you more about this in a while but for the moment I would be very interested to know what information you would be happy for an organisation to put online about a) yourself and b) your children.  So there’s a little quiz below.  As I haven’t mastered the art of those fancy quizzes where you click a box and it’s anonymous, perhaps you could reply in the comments box:  Q1  Yes;  Q2 No; Q3 Yes/No/Maybe/It depends  sort of thing.   And no, not all the information displayed below has been publicised – I would hate to bias you before I start!

Don’t worry, I won’t treat this as anything statistically signficant.  Or even significant.  All I really want is a measure of my paranoia and to decide whether or not I should let it drop.

So, what information about a) you and b) your children would you be happy for a sports body to put in public on the web?

1.  Family name

2. Given name

3. Name known by  (eg Given name Rebecca, known as Becky)

4. Address

5. Town

6. Region

7. Age

8. Year of birth

9. Date of birth

10. Name of Club

11.  Club code (specific to organisation)

Are there any particular combinations you’d be happy with?  Not happy with?  What if it was password protected?

Would you just not be bothered?

Please, please answer in the comments box.   As anonymously as you like.  🙂


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7 thoughts on “Paranoid? Moi?

  1. OK, my answers…

    I would answer ‘no’ to every single thing on that list with – possibly – the exception of no.10, which would be mabe – if it’s relevant. And if a sports club refused to take my child’s details off, I would remove them from the club. Simple as that…

  2. Here’s my professional IT opinion on this….no no no no no to all of those, even if it was password protected – it’s not that safe as anyone could get the password!. All of that is the basic information to steal someone’s identity at the very least and god knows what else?.

    Unless you have signed an express agreement to have this information published online they are contravening the data protection act

    “Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data.”.

    Chucking it out there on the web is not protecting it IMHO!

    If you aren’t getting joy from them take it up with the data commission who will irate that they have misused data like this and they will have the information on your children removed/hidden. Hope that helps x

  3. Why would a sports club need to have your stuff on the web? It happened at my kids’ school a few months ago. They publish their magazine and my name was linked to something, giving my e-mail address (ok, I can live with that) and my children’s names. A complete no-no but it was a technical error and was never meant to be published. There’s no reason why your health club should publish details. Just imagine all the weirdo’s seeing your hot little bod and wanting to get to know you better. Yuck!

  4. Thank you for your comments, ladies. Just to clarify – if your kid were a member of the local hopscotch club, this would be the American Association of Hopscotchers or whatever, everyone from Alaska to Hawaii or, in our case, Shetland to Lands End, not the local healthclub. Imagining any weirdo seeing my bod, hot or otherwise, is definitely a step too far for me! 😯

  5. to everything:
    no – unless I decided MYSELF this info was ok to show

    Are there any particular combinations you’d be happy with? Not happy with? What if it was password protected?
    if it was protected, I may decide to leave more info – but the choice would have to be mine, not the site’s
    Would you just not be bothered?
    er – no. I would be irate if my private info were put on the www without my express permission.

    I agree with all the above, and, particularly where children are concerned, I would FREAK if they didn’t remove the info the INSTANT I asked them to.

    what is wrong with them?

  6. I’m glad you agree, L’optimiste. I’ve finally written a long letter to the Chief Exec of the relevant organisation. So we’ll see if they take any notice of little me. I do like to ponder on the outcry there would be if a government department posted this sort of information on 200,000 citizens. 🙂

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