In denial

Three weeks and counting…

Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, nag

GPM:  “That’s 3 weeks. THREE weeks. Well OK 23 days and a few hours until Higher English.  You won’t be able to put it off any longer then.”

GP1:  “I kno-o-ow.”

Nag. Nag, nag, nag, nag.

“So have you learned that poem? Read that book? Written out those quotes?”

“I’ll do it tomorrow.  Sigh.”

Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, nag.

Bup-a-lup goes MSN.

Nag, nag, nag, nag.

I think I’m turning into a moany old nag.

And I wish someone would move that wall that’s making lumps on my head.

Nag, nag, nag. Nag, nag.

It must be summer – exams are upon us.  It’ll all be over soon. Thank goodness. Until next year, that is.

And until then…

…nag, nag, nag, nag…


7 thoughts on “In denial

  1. Oh, Iota, I really, really, really hate nagging. But it seems to be one of those things that has its time. I just wonder – if I had nagged a little bit more when they were younger, would I have been able to nag less now? Is there a fixed amount of nagging that a parent is expected to do, and that can be averaged over a tot to teen lifetime? Well, I’m sure making up for lost time now!

    Mud, I’ll nip over chez toi and see what you’ve let me in for. Good luck on Sunday – I’ll be thinking of you!

  2. I’m sorry to tell you that we are still having the same “conversations” now our teenager is 19 (yes I know, nearly post teens!) and has an unconditional place at his chosen music institution on his chosen course, starting in September.

    Me: Your Grade 8 cello exam could be 5 weeks away,
    Him: Yes
    Me: Well do you think you should maybe learn the scales?
    Him: Yes
    Me:When do you think you might start that?
    Him:I’ll do it tomorrow
    Me: But you’re working tomorrow.
    Him: Oh yes. Well the day after then.
    Me; You mean the same day you’re going to Glasgow for your friend’s 19th birthday party?
    Him: Oh yes. Well the next day then. I’ve nearly finished transcribing and arranging the Muse song though and did I send you a link to that cool youtube clip…
    etc etc etc
    Somehow I too have failed to nag in the right amount at the right time….

  3. Somehow, it’s all in that word “unconditional” isn’t it? I’m sure there’ll be a point for all these teenage boys when the relevance will suddenly click. Trouble is, I doubt they’ll still be teenagers when that happens!

  4. Hey Guineapigmum! I am so pleased to have found you! Every time I clicked on the link in my comments box it showed up a profile for you without a blog so I assumed you were a blog reader rather than a blog writer. So glad to have stumbled in via Mothership.

  5. Glad to welcome you, WinHK. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog – it looks like you’ll be needing a new title for your blog rather sooner than you might have wished.

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