I’m not nervous!

So, 10am I dropped off a jittery, jumpy, couldn’t-sit-still GP2 for his first exam.  “I’m not nervous” he said.  Hmm.  By the time we got to the school he had my stomach turning somersaults.  Maths.

It started yesterday, 3pm.  “Mum! My calculator’s broken”.  “It’ll be the battery” she said sagely and spent the next 20 minutes extricating one of those tiny silver buttons, the sort you never have spares of in the house, from an impossibly tight casing.  Dashed up to town for spares.  Dashed home to insert.  It still didn’t work.  Emergency phone call to GPD to purchase new calculator on his way home.

“I can’t do this question! How do I work this out? We’ve not done this.”

GPM thinks: “Don’t ask me! I’ve got no idea!” GPM says: “Let’s look in your text book. It’ll be there somewhere.” And then he figures out the answer anyway, and decides perhaps he has done it in class.

“What do I need tomorrow?” came next. “Do I put it all in a plastic bag?”  Much whittling of pencils ensued. 

Calming noises from GPM, who finds a whole forgotten supply of those handy zip top plastic bags. Thanks, Lakeland!

This morning.  “You’ll have to collect me. Be there at 4. I can’t take my phone. What do I do with my calculator during the non-calculator exam? Perhaps I’ll take my school bag for my phone and calculator. But BE there at 4.  No I won’t take my bag. I can’t take the calculator cover, can I? It’s got stuff on it. Perhaps I will take my bag. ”

Soothing noises from GPM.  “They have organised an exam or two before, you know. There’ll be somewhere to leave things.  Read the first question twice.  Read every question twice. Check your answers.”

And then, at school: “There’s noone here! Do I have to sign in? Where shall I go? I could just wait outside the room. Don’t forget to collect me. At 4.”

“Go to the social area.  Go the the library.”  But I’m sure he found his mates as soon as he walked through the door.

He’ll be fine. He’s done loads of work.  But he reminded me all over again what it’s like doing exams.

The school bag’s in the car, by the way.  And I’d better set an alarm for 4pm.

7 thoughts on “I’m not nervous!

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  2. Hi Stuart, yes I’m quite sure he’s fine. I’ll pass on your good wishes! How are your new lot doing?

    Mud – a bit of exam nerves are a good thing, yes? I hope so! Just glad I’m not doing it myself.

    I’ve been twitted! How did I manage that? And why’s it got a French flag?

  3. They are doing ok, they’re a chatty bunch but a few asking to come back next year which they are welcome to do. I’m getting the higher class 🙂

  4. You must be doing something right, Stuart, if they all want to come back for Higher! From your blog it sounds like you’ve been having an exciting year.

    What we put them through, Iota. Indeed. I’m just glad the calculator didn’t die 24 hours later. Then there would have been trauma.

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