Home again, home again, jiggety-jig

“It hasn’t stopped raining for two days! I haven’t been able to get any washing out” GP1 said.

Head snaps round. Eyes swivel left. Is that my son talking?  The one who had six wet towels on his bedroom floor the last time I arrived home from fieldwork?  Well, I have to confess it was those six towels that did it, particularly when combined with the five more I found on his brother’s floor and the distinct absence of clean, dry, sweet smelling towels in the airing cupboard. But I’ve already told you about those.  What I maybe didn’t tell you was that I threw a wobbly and when shortly after I left for yet another two weeks work, there were rules.  In Week 1 GP2 was in charge of laundry and his big brother was in charge of the kitchen. Week 2 they swapped.  It sort of worked.  And the best thing is, the next time they whinge about no clean clothes, I can direct them to the washing machine.

It’s been a long summer with lots and lots of work since we got back from our travels. I feel like I have hardly drawn breath and, since arriving home from the final stint a couple of weeks ago – Carmarthen Bay with the beautiful Marros Sands and Burry Inlet, offshore Pembroke where we had a dozen Common Dolphins playing around the boat and then Holyhead Harbour where I had to come to terms with using a full face mask for diving – I have been playing catch up with overdue work that has hung around all summer.   I’m nearly there, and am hoping there’ll be proper time off this week, which is half term in this neck of the woods.

Who knows, I might even get my hair cut.  Or write some more blog posts.

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