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Tuesday evening found us all glued to the radio listening to Sam, one of GP2’s classmates, in his new guise as DJ.  East Lothian’s new community radio, East Coast FM 87.7 was launched on Monday, run entirely by volunteers and with a four week licence.  Monday might have had Fish and the Red Hot Chilli Pipers to launch proceedings but Tuesday evening had Sam presenting a 2 hour slot for Ross High School and then his mum, Sally, with two hours of folk music.  Of course we asked for autographs the following night at the brass Christmas concert.

Sam, I have to say, has been excited about this for weeks. There has been quite a long preparatory lead in that he and Sally have been involved in during what spare time they have and it has been his primary topic of conversation. And why not be excited?  He did a great job on Tuesday and was fielding texts,  emails and requests from his schoolfriends like a seasoned pro.  There was great excitement on the receiving end as well and most of his mates were listening in. Messages were flying on MSN and those texting (or should that be txtg) thumbs must have been sore.  It had quietened down by the time Sally came on the air later on with some great folk music.  After all, she’s a grown up, though I’m quite sure she was just as excited beneath that calm exterior!

Each of the East Lothian High Schools has a weekly two hour slot and I caught part of Preston Lodge’s show last night. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the youngsters and a great way to advertise the school. It does seem a shame that Ross High, whatever its reasons, is the only school that has declined the opportunity to take part and that Sam is doing this off his own bat.  Perhaps it could have provided some of that value-added education for the 4th years that we were promised as part of the Standard Grades in 3rd year?  The current 4th years that I know seem woefully under-employed; value-removed might be a better epithet.  Sadly, the Curriculum for Excellence is arriving too late for us.

But good luck East Coast FM!  Here’s hoping for success and a longer term licence next year.  Sam’s on again this evening – go Sam!

2 thoughts on “East Coast FM 87.7

  1. I’ve just volunteered to read for the local radio station for visually impaired people. They have a very full programme of reading from newspapers and books. People so love my English accent round here, that I thought it was time I put it to work!

    I like the word “value-removed”!

  2. Iota, that sounds like a fun thing to do – and enormously worthwhile with it. (I’m glad someone spotted that “value removed”, by the way.)

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