The refined art of bribery

This morning, at 9am, I found myself online with my finger hovering over the Buy This Instant button as T in the Park tickets came on sale.  Apparently I agreed to buy GP1 a ticket in return for his fantastic exam results this year.  That must have been during one of my more maternal “Let’s be positive and look on the bright side” moments, as my understanding of fantastic exam results doesn’t entirely coincide with my son’s.  In fact, I don’t think our opinions even approximately match.  Still, not being one to go back on my word, even if I can’t quite remember the conversation, I did the deed and bought the ticket. 

So I’m now the proud owner of a ticket for the 2010 T in the Park.  It’s my ticket.  Mine.  Not his. If he wants it, there will be conditions attached.  And if he doesn’t get respectable marks in his prelims in February, I will be offering the ticket to the  highest bidder. Or any bidder. Perhaps I’ll give it away.  I’m sure there are some very deserving cousins who’d appreciate it.  Who knows, I could even go myself. 

If I were my son, I wouldn’t  be calling my bluff.  You have been warned, GP1.

Please form an orderly queue now.  You can camp overnight if you want to be first in line. And no pushing at the back!

10 thoughts on “The refined art of bribery

  1. In my experience deals like this have to be recorded in writing and signed by both parties leaving no room for further negotiation

  2. I’ve been engrossed in your blog for awhile – I really like your easy to read style!!! I would become a follower, but I see you don’t have a follow button?

    Anyway, I’ll be back to read more!


    Holli in Ghana

  3. T in the park wouldn’t do it for me, I’m afraid. But then I’m not in the deal. Hope it works for GP1!!

  4. I like to think of it as incentive, of course. I’m not too sure it would do it for me, either, but then I’m not 17 any more. It remains to be seen whether it does anything for my eldest.

  5. Welcome, Holli! Thank you for your kind comment. I have absolutely no idea how to add a follow button I’m afraid but I’ll check with David, the EduBuzz guru. I just use feeds in Google Reader myself and haven’t really figured this following thing. Right, now I must nip over to your blog for a look.

  6. meh, weathers weather, comes and goes, but so does t in the park:@ YOU OWE ME A TICKET, i passed the exams we thought id pass!

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