The Gallery – Show me the Funny

Tara, at Sticky Fingers, sets a photograph challenge each week.  I’ve been meaning to take part for months but, well, you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged for months.  So, to celebrate putting metaphorical pen to metaphorical paper, I’ve hunted through Windows Explorer to find something for this week’s theme: Show me the funny.

May I present two or maybe three photos which encapsulate for me Living with Teenagers.

I spotted this sculpture at Tate Modern earlier this year. It sums up for me exactly how I feel when I come home from a week’s fieldwork. Laundry basket overflowing, bedroom floors invisible beneath the mound of wet towels, on duty as Domestic Goddess (if only) the moment I step through the door…

And then there is the challenge of making teenage boys Go Out For A Walk…  You can feel the happiness and excitement in this picture.

And finally, do teenage boys read? Or only when they have to?

7 thoughts on “The Gallery – Show me the Funny

  1. So you have to bury boys up to their necks to make them read? That’s where schools having been getting it wrong! Great photos – really made me giggle.

  2. Not sure you were with us on that walk, Big Sis – but the grown ups had a lovely afernoon!

    Heads in sand, maybe, PM?

    Thanks for calling by, Tara. Body language is wonderful, isn’t it?

    I’ve tried to flog my laundry basket several times, Ellen, but it never works. One of the amusing things about that sculpture was that my younger son who was with me had no idea why I found it so funny.

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