Apologies, sorry… more snow, cabin fever

Tara’s theme this week is White. I wasn’t going to post anything, and I know everyone’s bored of snow but… it is all so beautiful.

We’re not really snowed in but we can’t really get out.  At least, not in the car; we’re saving a lot of money on petrol.  There was a brief thaw at the weekend and the icicles regressed but the cold has come back with a vengeance this week.   The icicles are now 2m long and there’s an inaccessible glacier teetering off the gutter immediately above our phone line.  -13° C this morning.  I know that’s not really cold, in the global scheme of things, but rather like floods in the Sahara these temperatures are not an everyday – or even every winter – occurrence in this neighbourhood.  The snow is still way above my knees in the back garden.

I haven’t been swimming or running for over a week and I’m suffering from cabin fever and so these views from the kitchen window seem most relevant.  Yes, the photos would have been improved by opening the window – or even cleaning it – but this is the inaccessible window behind the inaccessible glacial cornice.

For some light relief, go and read this blog post.  It’s the best I’ve read all week.   I liked this one too.

7 thoughts on “Apologies, sorry… more snow, cabin fever

  1. Sorry, not what I was going to say at all, but your spam checker asked me to type “Dirleton”. Have you got a special local places spam checker? If so I want one!

    Anyway love these pictures, if not the weather – still hoping my in-laws will make it to the Borders on Saturday and it’s looking increasingly unlikely….

  2. Thanks, ladies. Hmm… Borders on Saturday. Doesn’t sound too likely! As to the spam checker, my blog is part of EduBuzz, run by East Lothian Council, so I guess the powers behind the scenes have chosen lots of East Lothian words! I don’t know, because I’ve not had to use it myself.

  3. gpm, Harriet: You’re absolutely right, we did make up a wee list of local East Lothian names, mainly of East Lothian schools. The point of eduBuzz is to help children’s learning, so we’ll use any opportunity we can get to sneak in a stealth lesson! 😉

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