I didn’t plan to, but…

… I did watch the wedding.  I couldn’t quite resist it although there were plenty of better things I should have been doing.  Aren’t there always?

I sniggered a few times.  “There’s Big Ben, dominating the London skyline as always” intoned Huw Edwards, struggling to fill the gaps.  I instantly conjured an image of Big Ben, a little tired of domination, taking the afternoon off.  And a little later “What a wonderful spectacle” just as an aerial shot showed a procession of white minibuses travelling down the Mall at funereal speed.  Immaculate timing, Huw!

The pundits all wondered what Kate would bring to the Royal Family and I couldn’t help thinking some new blood, maybe? A little less inbreeding?

They all said how relaxed William looked as he arrived at the Abbey, tugging at his collar, adjusting his belt, pushing back his hair, touching his ear, licking his lips all dry mouthed.  Relaxed? I don’t think so!  He was nervous as hell and so he should have been.

Then there were the hats. Tara P-T had clearly invoked The Force to attach a blue canoe to her forehead. Bow at her nose, stern pointing skywards, were there hat pins through the skin? Or was it glued?  And there were huge face-obscuring discs for those who maybe wanted anonymity.  Just feel sorry for their neighbours in the seats as these creations were surely more hazardous than eye-impaling umbrellas.  And what on earth was Beatrice – or was it Eugenie – wearing on her head?  Hats off, though, to Samantha Cameron (possibly DC’s only saving grace) who seemed to be the only woman without a hat although she did have some jewellry in her hair;  her outfit was stylish and understated.  I went hatless to the Garden Party at Holyrood a few years ago, when my post-chemo hair was growing back, and felt quite awkward.

And of course there was the dress.  Fabulous.  Elaborate but not fussy.  The bridesmaid was stunning in an elegant, unadorned, white dress.  The boys wondered why Harry had a better outfit than William.

Not much else to say, except that the little flower girl, who was clutching her headress as though it was going to take off in the wind, was just so cute.

But I do have to wish them both well.

6 thoughts on “I didn’t plan to, but…

  1. I think the two, Beatrice and Eugenie were auditioning for the ugly sisters, or maybe Widow Twanky twins?

  2. That blue canoe… no. It didn’t work. And the brown Princess (Eugenie or Beatrice, not sure) I saw described as “a teletubby with a spray tan”.

    I think Big Ben might like the afternoon off one day.

  3. I sat glued to the telly and loved every minute of the wedding too. There were some strange hats – Victoria Beckham, like Tara PT, had the ‘plonked on forehead’ creation and I didn’t like the style at all. I liked Sam Cam’s frock but did you see her shoes? Far too high and clumpy for a high society wedding, I thought.

    Thanks for popping over to comment about the Bodyworlds exhibition. Good to know others enjoyed it!

  4. Didn’t notice Sam Cam’s shoes. I was impressed that the Queen still manages to wear heels and get up steps unaided in them.

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