Shit happens

It’s back. Clear for almost four years and there it is again. I will have surgery in the next few weeks and then more chemo.

I’m not stopping the pension contributions just yet but shit really does happen.

17 thoughts on “Shit happens

  1. Hi- I posted something but it might have disappeared, so simply going to post again. We’re just not going to take any of this shit anymore, and cancer recurrence tagged the WRONG person this time! You can energize, galvanize and conquer this thing- kick it to the curb for good! I am transmitting an IV full of good chi to get you going! And you have an excellent home team to back you up…hugs to Ian and the boys. I love you and know you can beat this thing back…you’re one of the most capable people I know, girlfriend! xx

  2. Christine I am so gutted to hear this. Be strong – very much thinking of you and beating this. With love Tess x x

  3. Keep strong- you’ve taken this on before and kicked it into touch. Much love. Anything you want- just say x x

  4. As you say, no dislike button….but sending you a virtual hug instead. x

  5. Christine, really sorry to hear this news. Fingers and toes crossed that the op goes ok and you get sorted.

  6. hi, stay strong and be positive, it will help you get through it. samx

  7. So shocked and sorry to hear this. All my very best wishes for a fast and complete recovery. Thinking of you xox

  8. Wishing you strength, courage and positivity at this very difficult time

  9. Christine, for the record, a gal I knew (she & her hubs moved to NZ to be closer to their grandchildren and we’ve lost touch) had her ovarian cancer return round about the four-year mark, had the surgery, chemo and has been clear now for 15 years. Get rid of these errant cells and get well soon. I can tell you’re a strong woman so go kick this bugger out and tell it to stay gone. Hang tough xoxox

  10. Thanks for this, Lin. I have heard a few stories like that and they all encourage me. And I know I wouldn’t be going for surgery if they didn’t think there was some hope of remission!

  11. I know quite a lot of women who’ve had recurrence and gone on to live their lives [they’re all still here!]. The process sucks, but it’s doable. Do it.

    as everyone has said – kick it into touch. we know you can 🙂

  12. Christine, there is no way you would be going into surgery unless they had VERY high hope for your recovery. Damned abdominal surgery is always tough as you know, but you’re going into this strong and fundamentally healthy. That’s in your favor.

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