Oh heck

I realise I’m very scared. I’m really quite fit at the moment, and well although the CT scans might indicate otherwise. By tomorrow evening I know I’m not going to be fit for anything and, once the chemo starts, it’s going to take months to recover.  I’m assuming of course I will recover but I also realise I have no idea what’s going tohappen.

Tomorrow seems to be the start of a whole new phase of my life, and I’m not in control. That’s why I’m scared.

5 thoughts on “Oh heck

  1. You are entitled to be scared; it’s scary. All your special people wish they could control it too and feel helpless they can’t. Mac will use his skills and you’ll get through. Jill and Cliff send their love; rest tonight and fight hard tomorrow- I expect nothing less than that from you 🙂 cx

  2. im on west coast US time, so maybe you’re wheeling in at 830 about now, so you wont see this til you come out of the fog…sending all my chi your way and will be thinking about you all day on friday/ and if its a stoma, so be it; they’re ok, they’r latin! love you xox

  3. Of course you’ll recover – you’ve had practice 😉 Thinking of you – going in is scary. But you ARE fit. That’s a bonus.

    I know. It sucks.

    hugs [like, millions of them]. Hope to hear from you soon, soon, soon!

  4. You are fit and you are strong (though I suspect right now you’re not feeling too terrific just now) so use that otherwise good health and strength to rid yourself of this intruder. Hang though, kid. xoxo

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