Yesterday’s conversations No. 1

“I’m in Aberdeen tomorrow” he said casually, as we drove home from the station. Nothing unusual about that – sometimes he’s working in Aberdeen several days a week.

“Oh,” I said, “what time will you be back?”

“Usual time. Maybe a bit later. I’m on the 4pm train.”

“What! We’re booked for 7pm. Don’t say you’ve forgotten.”

“Oh… Perhaps I could get out of the meeting a bit early.”

We’re going out for a posh meal this evening, en famille. It was our silver wedding anniversary last week and, of course, we didn’t get around to organising anything. Tim, our younger son (and yes that is GP2) has just finished school, leaving as Dux of his year. School Dux, for those who may not know, is an award given to the student with the highest academic achievement. Cue proud parents. And Chris, our elder son and otherwise known as GP1, heads off to Massachussets tomorrow with BUNAC to work in a summer camp. We will see him again in early September. As you can see there are multiple reasons for a family celebration and I’m sure you can also see that there is no scope to organise an alternative date.

So, a little advice to my dearest husband:

Come out of that meeting early. Get an earlier train. Do not be late. Do NOT be late.

Not, that is, if you’d like another 25 hours of happy marriage, let alone 25 years.

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