I am wondering if that is the noise that a Russian crook makes when he’s helping himself to the credit in my bank account.  I went on line to pay a bill the other night to find our account looking rather more pink than it should at this time of the month.   Closer inspection revealed cash withdrawals from an ATM in St Petersburg.  Hmm, I thought.  That’s where Andy Murray is playing tennis this week.   Actually, I didn’t think that but what I did think isn’t really printable.

It wasn’t such an enormous amount of money that our account had been entirely cleaned out.  However, it would have paid for Continue reading

Rant No. 3: money laundering

laundered-money.jpgThe Alliance & Leicester Building Society.

You may be wondering what’s happened to Rants No 1 – the CT Scan and No 2 – the Cashless Catering Card which is indeed cashless.  I just haven’t got round to writing them yet.  And I am so cross after my visit to the building society on Friday that they’ve paled into insignificance and may not get written.

So, to the Alliance & Leicester. 

Act 1

I first fell out with them a few years ago when they opened the wrong type of account for the children.  Similarities with snow coming up. Continue reading