On Angels

I was at a fundraiser last week where, amongst the various attractions, there were several women giving massages of various types.  (Now stop thinking that, it was all highly respectable.)  And there was a lovely girl doing Reiki and reading cards.  “Why not?” I thought.  I’ve never had a card reading but it was all in a good cause! And so she read my Angel cards.

I do find it difficult to take these things seriously and keeping a straight face was most definitely a challenge.  But I took it all in good heart. She told me various things about myself and, as with all these things, it’s always possible to find something to relate to amongst the generalisms.   So apparently I’m very caring and would make a good counsellor. Hmm. Not sure about that one.  I should make more time for myself.  Now that I like but so, I imagine, would most mums.   And I should be more decisive.

More decisive.  MORE decisive.

So, I wonder, does that mean I should turn from Bossy to Bully?

Relax, it’s the weekend…

sheltering from pouring rain under the Bowder Stone.JPGIt was Monday morning, yesterday now. I woke up knowing exactly where my legs were. As the morning wore on I learned to identify every individual leg muscle. The big ones at the front – the quads. And yes, there were the hamstrings. And the calf muscles, especially the one just above the titanium-reinforced ankle. But ouch! The worst were the ones in my bum, the glutes. They made their presence felt every time I stood up from my chair. If it’s that sore, it must be girls’ weekend away time.

I have friends who do girls’ weekends.  They go to Dublin or Barcelona Continue reading

Girls’ weekends

I’ve just had two girls’ weekends away.  Yes, that’s right, two.  The first was a trip to Birmingham when I met up with my three sisters.  It was our first ever weekend with just us (our mother died a couple of years ago and we’d mostly relied on family gatherings to get together), but certainly not our last.  We took in The Parrot in Art at the Barber Institute, largely because Elizabeth Butterworth is a neighbour of my London sister.  We went girlie shopping, a novel experience for me as the mother of two sons.  We had an Indian meal and went to China Town for some of the New Year festivities.  But mostly we talked and, with two of our number teachers, I am now an expert on the English education system with particular reference to special needs.  I have to say that some of the stories from the Manchester area are very reminiscent of Scenes from the Battleground  but perhaps without so much disenchantment. 

Mums' weekend away 2006My more recent weekend away was my annual trip to the Lake District with a Manchester-based friend from college days and another long-standing friend from Durham.  We tried to work out for how many years we had been doing this trip and came out at somewhere between 12 and 16 or so.  We always go in winter, hoping for snow on the hills and last year we were lucky with a fantastic day on Helvellyn p1010009.JPGfollowed by another on Blencathra. This year it was mild, damp and grey with barely a patch of snow in sight and, with the hilltops in cloud, we were less ambitious; Place Fell on Saturday and a stroll round Aira Force on Sunday.  More teashop visits this year though! And lots of talk.  It’s good to keep in touch with old friends.