Hair today

My mad, unruly curls have all been chopped off.  Shame – I’d grown quite fond of them once they’d moved on from the tight, grey, just had a perm stage.  People pay good money for curls like that.  But I knew they weren’t destined for a long life and my hair really did need cutting.   It is now two years and about three weeks since that awful, dreamlike day when I was told I had cancer.  Almost exactly two years since my hair started falling out,  19 months since I noticed the first hint of bum fluff returning to my bald head. 

That’s not so long, really. All over and done with in the blink of an eye.  My cancer is old history now and I’m just a statistic.  I don’t think about it so often these days and I suspect most people around me don’t ever give it a thought any more.  And that’s how it should be.  I fully expect to be one of the 73% of ovarian cancer sufferers who survive to 5 years after diagnosis.  I plan to be one of the 30% or so Continue reading

Neglect, n.

Neglect.  As in My blog has fallen into a state of neglect.  I haven’t written anything. It has accumulated spam comments (now deleted, I hope).  There are real comments, including some from Reluctant Memsahib, one of my favourite reads, and I haven’t responded.   I’ve been busy. I’ve been away. I have lots of excuses.  I don’t really like excuses, though.   My sister has taken me to task. “Why doesn’t your blog work? It won’t load” she asked.   I think it’s sulking.

It’s not that there’s a shortage of material.  The holiday, for instance, is begging to be told.  Stories about the fading American lady in Fiji Continue reading

Glass half full

I’ve been compiling a list of diseases I don’t have.  Yet.

Leprosy     Legionnaire’s Disease    Bubonic Plague    TB    Malaria     Diabetes     Bird Flu     Asthma     Ebola     Dengue fever 

I expect there are one or two more which might come to mind.  So that’s all right then.  Fit and healthy, I’d say.  Except that they’ve just told me that I can now add osteoporosis to my list of ailments.  Osteoporosis??  That’s something that old ladies get. Ok, I’m old(ish), as my darling sons constantly remind me – but I’m not that old.

So much for all that running I’ve been doing for the last few years.  And the extra milk I’ve been drinking.  Not enough – Continue reading