We are a two car family.  On second thoughts, make that 2.5 – the venerable MGB still moulders away at the bottom of the garden under a dustsheet and the plum tree.  Anyhow, as my driving activites have been curtailed somewhat for the foreseeable future, we have recently attempted to add other drivers to the insurance.  First of all, Grandma.   “Too old!” said the insurance company, not appreciating that despite her years she is more active than the average 60 year old.  Then a friend’s car failed its MOT. “Borrow ours!” I offered.  “It’s going to be sitting there for the next 6 weeks.”  So I phoned the insurance company once more.  “That’s fine” they said.  “But he’s a Police Officer.  We can’t insure him for driving to work.”  Duh?  What do policemen do on their way to work?  “OK,  so put his wife on.”  “But she’s a housewife.  We can’t insure her at all.”  Clearly a high risk occupation, being a housewife.

The girl on the other end of the phone was both puzzled and apologetic.  I was apoplectic.  The car is still sitting there saving the planet.  This has to be bureaucracy at its finest moment.  So KwikFit, if you’re listening, we’ll be switching to DirectLine next year.  Adding an extra driver to one of their policies is simple, efficient and cheap.