Spring Bling

strikespan.jpgI seem to have been on a Blog-battical for the last few weeks.  Life getting in the way.  But now the writers’ strike is over, there’s really no excuse is there?  No picket lines to cross.  Oh, you mean I don’t get paid for this, never mind royalties?  Still, we creative types have to stick together, to show some solidarity.    So now the red carpet’s been rolled out,  it would be truly churlish of me not to acknowledge, finally, much overdue, with tears rolling down my face and thanking the angels in the city – where was I? – not to acknowledge an award from Potty Mummy. [excellentblog.jpg] I’m not sure that I deserve this, given my recent silence, but I’ll accept it gladly.  And I promise not to compare it to my agent’s buttocks.  As if. 

To quote from Potty Mummy, this award originated with a Canadian blogger, who stated:  Continue reading