Tri-ing hard

It was Friday morning.  The end of a glorious September week of sunshine, calm seas and early morning mists.  At about the time that you were all settling down to your desks with that first cup of coffee or struggling with the first class at the end of a long week, I abandoned my duties as an average mum, ignored the pile of laundry, spurned the siren call of the vacuum cleaner, forgot the data entry mountain and swam to Fidra.  And, you will realise, back.  It was fab!

[bubbleshare 465608.f650a848b25]

Now I’m not what you’d call an elite athlete.  In fact, those of you who know me will appreciate that ‘athlete’ is an over-generous term.  But over the last few years I have taken part in a number of triathlons.  No reason, really, except that, like Everest, they’re there Continue reading

In Memoriam

trophy.jpgI think my physiotherapist must have been a builder or a car mechanic in a past life.  Conversations go something like this:-
“Well, how’s it coming along?” spoken in a very jolly voice.

So I tell her (she doesn’t look).  “Well you know it’s never going to be the same again.  You’ll probably never get be able to stretch it fully again.”

“What about the swelling? How long will that take to go? Is there anything I can do about it?”

“Well you know it’s never going to be the same again.  It’ll take a long time.  It’ll probably never go down completely.  Nothing you can do about it, you have just to be patient.”

I adopt a suitably sombre expression and carry on doing my stuff on the wobble cushion and then think I’ll try this next one: Continue reading


A hopeless cry, perhaps, but worth a try.  This coming Sunday is the Haddington triathlon and we are desperately short of marshals.  Are there any East Lothian locals out there who don’t fancy a lie in on Sunday but would much rather cheer on a bunch of enthusiastic triathletes from around Scotland?  If so, we need your help!  Post a message and I’ll get in touch.  Assuming the server doesn’t crash with the volume of replies I’m expecting, of course…

Surveys old and new

snh-course-027.jpgWe had the first meeting to organise this year’s Haddington triathlon the other night.  With all the new building that has gone on in Haddington in recent years and associated changes to road layouts, we have decided to alter the run route this year to separate the cyclists and runners at a few dangerous bottlenecks.  One of our number is going to go out with my GPS to measure the proposed new route.

Coincidentally, I am currently reading The Great Arc by John Keay, the story of how India was mapped, the heights of mountains established, and Everest was named.  Continue reading

One of those days

porania-on-adig.jpgAnd it’s not even midday yet.  GP2 was crowing at breakfast that he was going to have his last biology lesson ever today.  His Biology teacher this year (not you Fearghal!) seems to have single-handedly killed all interest in the subject in the entire class, as only one of their number has picked biology for next year.  It is a little sad, as we’re both working biologists.  In contrast, he has been enthused by Continue reading