Extreme reading No 2

I’ve just spotted this on The Fidra Blog, who in turn borrowed it from Steve Augarde’s blog.  Enjoy!

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 Steve Augarde, by the way, is author of the Various trilogy and, when I looked at his website, I realised he also wrote The Tractor Factory, Lifeboat to the Rescue and a number of other delightful books that I once knew off by heart.   As to my present reading, I rarely read books twice now that I’m past the stage of Katie Morag, Busytown, Burglar Bill and other such classics, all of which I could probably still recite if tested.   But I’ve just read It’s not about the bike by Lance Armstrong and I turned from the last page straight back to the first to read it again.  Perhaps it’s not the greatest literature but it struck the most enormous chord.  More about that in a future post, I hope.

Fidra books

shop.jpgThere are a couple of recent posts on Fidra books that may be of interest to any EduBuzz or Edinburgh based readers. 

The childrens’ writer  Steve Augarde  is visiting the shop  “on Thursday 8th May at 7.30pm to talk about the joys and problems of writing for children and young adults and to give plenty of practical advice on how to get your work in front of an agent or a publisher”.  

Vanessa has also written a post about Harry Potter appearing on the A level reading list.  Harry Potter?  A level?  I don’t like to get snobby about books, as I read anything with words on that sits still for long enough – newsletters, noticeboards, cereal packets, Enid Blyton, Tolstoy, whatever.  The only book I remember failing on in recent years was something by Martin Amis which I just couldn’t hack.  I fully admit that Continue reading