The Grand Mosque

gold-finials-minaret.jpgIt’s officially known as Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque.


It may not be quite finished but it’s stunning.

Third largest in the world.  From Italy – the largest main-prayer-hall.jpgchandelier in the world.  From Iran – the largest handmade carpet in the world.  White marble from Greece.  In fact, about 200 different types of marble from around the world.  Hand painted tiles from Turkey.  Hand carved ceilings by Moroccan craftsmen.  Three main domes, four minarets.  I’ve forgotten how many pillars, but a lot.  An area of 22,000 sq m.  Marble and mother of pearl marquetry, marble relief decor, mosaics, acres of gold leaf, concealed lighting. It’s taken 10 years to build and there’s a little way to go yet.  If you go to the Emirates, you must go and visit this

Oh, and no hugging. 





Some photos in Bubbleshare:-


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