The Tesco internet shopping moment

vegetables.jpgPersonally, I blame it all on GP2.  He wanted an apple.  We were heading, in the blinding  afternoon sun, temperature c. 400 C, towards the fruit and vegetable market at the time, so it didn’t seem an entirely unreasonable request.  However, I still think it was his fault.

But before that, let’s go back a year or two to the first time I did my supermarket shopping on the internet.  It seems so easy, doesn’t it?  You sit at the comfort of your desk, no time wasted, no oil consumed driving to the next town.   You wander leisurely down the aisles with your mouse, no trollies to push, no arguments with the children about which over-packaged yoghurts or tooth rotting, trans-fat laden biscuits and crisps to buy this week.  Click, click, click and there’s your shopping done.

Mmm.  If only it were that simple.   Continue reading