Don’t be fooled by texts

coll-002.jpgExhilarated.  That’s the best word I can find to describe the boys when I collected them from Largs last Friday.   There I’d been, worrying all week that they might be hating it.  I should have known better. 

We waved the others off in the minibus and then retired to Nardini’s – or the sad imitation of Nardini’s, all that remains of an institution that should surely have had campaigns to save it – for something to eat.  With ice cream, of course, which can still be had.  They could barely stop talking long enough to look at the menu, although a week of fresh air ensured that Continue reading

All afloat

yacht-firth-of-lorn.jpgMum, paranoid, needs text from boys, teenagers (gmt & vyt), afloat somewhere in the Clyde.  Maybe they’re too seasick to text.  Or too cold, wet and miserable.  More likely they’re having a great time and we’ll hear all about it at the weekend.  After they’ve had 24 hours sleep, that is.  I do wonder, though, if the boat crew have enlisted the services of an interpreter for those East Lothian accents yet.


there are no wet towels on the bathroom floor; Continue reading

The best laid plans…

asleep.jpgWouldn’t it be nice if once, just once, life was boring and everything went according to schedule?  I could happily do boring for a while.

Whizzo scheme No. 1

The Plan

An Ocean Youth Trust trip for the boys.  What a great idea!  Time off school was negotiated, forms completed, money paid.  The boat is due to leave this Sunday from Holyhead.  No problem! We’d go via Manchester on Saturday, collecting Boy Cousin en route.  And oh look! The World Short Course Swimming Championships are on in Manchester – what a bonus!  So I bought tickets a couple of days ago.  And even better – I have a meeting in Bangor on Tuesday so let’s reschedule everyone for Monday and I’ll stay over for it.

The Flaw

Have you spotted it yet?  No, I didn’t either.  Nor did a lot of other people, it seems. Continue reading