I didn’t plan to, but…

… I did watch the wedding.  I couldn’t quite resist it although there were plenty of better things I should have been doing.  Aren’t there always?

I sniggered a few times.  “There’s Big Ben, dominating the London skyline as always” intoned Huw Edwards, struggling to fill the gaps.  I instantly conjured an image of Big Ben, a little tired of domination, taking the afternoon off.  And a little later “What a wonderful spectacle” just as an aerial shot showed a procession of white minibuses travelling down the Mall at funereal speed.  Immaculate timing, Huw!

The pundits all wondered what Kate would bring to the Royal Family and I couldn’t help thinking some new blood, maybe? A little less inbreeding?

They all said how relaxed William looked as he arrived at the Abbey, tugging at his collar, adjusting his belt, Continue reading