I’ve only ever watched snippets of Big Brother, and those more or less by accident.  But I had heard of Jade Goody – who hadn’t! – although I hadn’t heard about her cancer until last week.  The first I knew of it was the photo of her bald head on the front page of all the papers, as the news broke that her cervical cancer is terminal.  “How brave!” was my instant reaction because I would have found that so difficult to do when I lost my hair.  I didn’t wear my wig all the time but I wore a hat and I never got used to seeing myself without hair.  There was no way I was showing off my bald head in public.  The photo alone is a huge statement – “I’ve got cancer and I’m not afraid to tell you all”.

There seems to have been a huge amount of sniping at her in the media about profiteering from her cancer.  This is so unjust: how on earth can anyone profiteer from terminal cancer?  Continue reading