Paranoid? Moi?

Oh dear.  Personally, I blame Ollie.  If it wasn’t for his internet safety evening, I would probably be totally relaxed, stress-free and friends with everyone.  As it is, I’ve become embroiled in an argument with a sport’s Governing Body about personal information from their membership database that they are making freely available online, information that is currently available to view without any sort of password protection.   It is an argument that is on the verge of escalating out of control. 

I’ve been dealing recently with membership from our club, since our membership secretary moved away, and I knew that I could go online to check membership numbers.  But what I only noticed recently was that all the numbers are hyperlinked and when you click on one it takes into another screen containing a lot of personal information.  To remove your information, you have to register an email address.  When I retrieved my jaw from the desk,  Continue reading