P1-3 Packed Lunches

Parents of P1-3 children are reminded that if your child requires a packed lunch on a Friday, they should ensure the meal selection is completed by the Sunday evening prior to the Friday on which the packed lunch is required.

As mentioned in the letter last week, this can be completed up to 6 weeks in advance here.

As the meals are prepared before the children arrive at school on the Friday, they must be ordered in advance and cannot be ordered on the day.

Thanks for your help with this matter.

Meet The Teacher

A reminder to all parents/carers that we have our Meet the Teacher Evening this Wednesday 21st August from 6-7 pm.

There will be a short welcome from Mrs McGillivray at 6 pm then you can visit your child’s teacher in their classroom after this or at 6.30 pm.

👕👖👞 The PCC will be running a second hand uniform stall at this. If you have any old uniform or children’s shoes you no longer need, please hand them in to school before Wednesday.

Please only donate items that are clean and in decent condition! 👕👖👞

We look forward to seeing you then.

Asthma: Week 35 25 – 31 August – A Guide for Patients/Carers

Rise in Asthma Attacks

Did you know there is a rise in Asthma Attacks in August when pupils go back to school after their summer holidays?

Each year we see an increase in asthma attacks in children when they return to school which often result in admission to hospital. 

Check out our top tips to try and avoid this happening.

Remember, asthma attacks are serious and you need to get help day or night if your child is not responding to their blue inhaler.

Lego Interview – Newshounds

Newshounds split in to groups to interview different clubs  and our group chose to visit the lego club.

There was lego all over the tables for people to build with and there is a different theme every week, and the week we went the theme was weather.

Lots of people were building clouds and lightning. A lot of people said they chose the club because they had lego at home but sometimes they didn’t have tons of time to play with it.

Tommy said that he liked playing with people he didn’t normally play with. People also said their favourite things they’d made were mini beasts (which was a theme from a different week) and making their names out of lego which i think was on the first week.

Report by  Morven M

Photographers : Rory M, Arne, and Fergus


Last week we interviewed the club outdoor learning and got some info about the club.  We went out side and asked some questions about what they do and here are some of the answers…

Sandy F – I picked this club because I like the outdoors.
Cameron- My favourite thing I have done in this club so far was Sammy the Snake.
Charlie P- This has been my favourite club so far.
Josh – I love this club.   
Jamie- My favourite was Bomb Disposal.   
Liam- Yes we always go out side.

When we were there we saw them playing Sammy the Snake. You get in a circle and someone goes in the middle and spins the rope around and they all have to jump over it…

We think they enjoyed it!     

Reporter Joshua l Asst reporter Lewis.

Photographer Jack Asst photographer Kyle

Interesting Science

Newshounds visited to the science club to ask some questions about what they were doing.

When we were asking questions about the club the club teacher (Mrs MacIver) let us make what they were making to get the full experience!

The Science club was busy making paper planes and attaching paper circles onto straws. The straws were attached to the top of the paper planes. Later, Science Club had a competition to see who could fly them well.

Theo from P4s favourite experiment was using water mixed with cleaning soap. He said they used a straw to blow into the mixture to make bubbles into bubbles. (He said it was fun)

Emily T in P2 learned to make flying wind contraptions.

Harriot in P5 said she enjoyed making her contraption fly.

Reporters – JT – BD
Photographers – IF – LVDV

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