We visited the art club to see what they were up to.

When we were there they were making Under the Sea Art. We were there on the 6th of March. They were painting and cutting for their Under the Sea Art.

Some of the questions we asked were

  1. Do you like this club?Yes – said Jess
    Yes – said Cara
    Yes- said Harriet
  2. Why did you choose this club or was it you last choice?Because I like Art-said Emily
    Because I like Art-said Eilidh
    Because I like Art-said Anna
  3. What do you do in this club and what have you made?A clay haggis- said Mr Hill
    Animal sunset- said Ella
    Owls- said Elle
  4. Whats your favourite thing about this club?It is fun-said Rory
    That you get to make what you want -Brian
    Doing Art-said Masie
  5. What tools have you used to create your art?stencils, clay and charcoal

    The work they did was amazing!

Reporters – Callum and Sandy

Photographers – Ivy,Ollie and Rachel