Natural Nature

We visited Nature Club last week to see what they were up to…..

Here are some of the things they said.

  • ‘My favourite thing about this everything but not the spiders and worms’ said Elliot.
  • ‘My favourite thing about this club is having fun outside’ said Ailsa.
  • ‘I am enjoying this club’said Amber.
  • ‘I like this club because we go outside ‘ said max .
  • ‘We sometimes use things we find outside’ said Kyle.
  • ‘we find stuff at Nature club’said Kayleigh.

When we were at the Nature club they were making  bug traps out of digging and  old yogurt cups  and they caught some extrodinary bugs it looked liked they were having fun!

By Jess , Jamie and Lilly (newshounds reporters) and Fletcher,Lilly and Liam (photographers)