Caring Community

Newshounds went to go and see the Community Club to see what they have been up to at the Day Centre. They all looked like they were having good fun with the old people by playing games and they all looked really happy. When they are there they usually play board games or talk about stuff to get to know each other. They said that they never get bored because they get entertained and have fun.

They love being in the Community Club, because it’s really good fun to see old people have a good time as they say it makes them think back about their childhood. The club has been the pupils favourite one so far and they’re happy that they chose it.

The club members chose it because they thought it would be fun and their friends who did it last time said it was great fun.

The Day Centre Members loved it when a choir came to perform in front of them, and they also said that they love playing games with the pupils.

The newshounds pupils who reported that group had so much fun seeing what it’s like there and would definitely recommend it.

By Ellen D. Photographers: Ruby R and Olivia C.