P1 – Thursday 26th March

Good morning and how is everyone today ?

9-9.30  Join Joe Wicks for his daily workout. A great way to get motivated !    9.30-10.30 Read Dave the Dog is worried about coronavirus. Draw yourself on a piece of paper and draw little pictures of things that you are worried or scared of. Then draw ways that you can be resilient. Link to Dave the Dog https://nursedottybooks.com/dave-the-dog-is-worried-about-coronavirus-2/

11-12.15 Writing- Last week, we  read a book on monsters and we used our imagination to create our own. We drew a detailed picture of our monster and described what they looked and felt like. We also wrote about what our monsters like to do. This week your task is to draw your monster and  create a setting for your monster to live in. eg a castle, ballroom cave, woods.Then write your story. Everyone can sound out their  words  with support. Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and full stops at the end, also try and use interesting words to describe your settings, eg dark, beautiful, cold.

1.15-2.30 Number- count to 30 forwards and backwards. Then call out random numbers 1-30  (or beyond if your child needs more challenge) for your child to write down on a whiteboard or piece of paper, make sure digits are the right way round. Mapping -The children can make a map of a park, which will include the gate, swings, roundabout, flying fox, climbing frame and slide, use your little picture of yourself from yesterday, call out positional language so your child can move themselves, small steps at a time- forward. backwards, sideways, right, left to different parts of the park.  Have fun with a dice- roll a dice , get a 5 e.g clap 5 times, do 5 star-jumps, jump 5 times.

Choose a book to read together, discuss what is happening in each picture. Mrs Grainger

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  1. Hi Mrs Grainger,

    Thanks for all the work & hope you are doing okay!!

    I think there is a problem with the URL for Dave the dog – there is an extra full stop after ‘files’ and so it isn’t working when you type in the link.

    We skipped Joe Wicks so May have got to it sooner than everyone else

    Thanks Rhian (Agatha’s mum)

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