P1 – Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning. How is everyone today? Please have a chat with your child about the weather, day of the week, date, month and season.

9-9.30 Get up and at it with Joe Wicks .

9.30-10.30  Re-cap on the Story of Easter from last week and, using a tablet or similar device, open a document and write 2 or 3 sentences about Easter and insert a picture. Follow link below to listen to the story of Daisy and the Egg by Jane Simmons.


11-12.15 Numeracy- Using the number cards you made yesterday, mix them up and ask what each number is, then your child can order them from 0-30.  Verbally give your child some take away sums and they can use the number-line to count backwards, Ask your child to to point to the starting number and point to each number as they count backwards. Complete the counting back worksheet p58 (we will do the other side p59 tomorrow). Use the number -line at the top of the page to count back, Once complete, with numerals the correct way round, you can give your child more of a challenge with bigger numbers and they will have their own number line to count back with. If it is a nice day, your child can make their own number lines outside using chalk, starting with any number they would like.

1.15-2.30 Handwriting – As last week, the focus is on writing capital letters, remind your child the capital letter name and the lower case sound, 1 line for each letter and word, pay attention to letter size and formation when writing each word. N O P Q R S. November, October, Prestonpans, Rory, Sarah. Practise ORT keywords in blue bag –  choose 4 and write a sentence for each one , draw a little illustration for each one also. Follow the link below to create an account with ORT owls ebooks, if you haven’t already done so and choose an ORT owl book to read. It is a really fantastic website. Have fun reading . Mrs Grainger



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