P1 – Wednesday 1st April

Good morning and how is everyone today? Please have a chat about the weather(without asking Alexa !)the date, month and the season. Hopefully there hasn’t been too many April Fool’s jokes played.

9 -9.30 Get up and go with Joe Wicks, this is a great routine to start the day 9.30-10.00 Follow the link below for cosmic kids yoga, the starwars episode. I think you will like it.



10-10.30 Design and make a Happy Easter Card, use your art skills to draw, cut and colour a lovely Easter design. I loved seeing Lukas art work yesterday. Amazing ! Some ideas could be bunnies, chicks, eggs in a basket, spring flowers. Make sure you do your best handwriting inside. It might be nice to post it to an Auntie or Uncle, Granny or Grandad, as we are not able to see family members just now.It would certainly brighten up someone special’s day.

11-12.15 Words and sentences workbook. The page with pictures including apple pie, a pig, rain cloud. Talk about all the pictures with your child then ask them to read the sentences below, ask them to point to each word as they read. Cut and stick each sentence beside the correct picture. Colour in and date the page. Next get your initial sound cards from the blue reading bag and ask your child each one. Ask your child to find a story book, they would like to read. Share together, discuss what is happening in each picture and encourage your child to read some words using all their de-coding skills.

1.15-2.30 Numeracy- Count to 30, forwards and backwards.Order your number cards 0-30.  Give your child some take away sums they can solve using their number line to count backwards. Complete the subtraction worksheet pg 59, drawing the hops backwards on the number line and writing the subtraction sum. Use the link below to access pictures which your child can discuss what is happening in each using the positional language given.

Challenge Cards Set 1

Have a happy day learning, everyone is doing so well, I am missing you all and I know you will all be missing school. Remember to keep making your bed and putting your dirty washing away.  Mrs Grainger







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